A Pool of Experiences: Economics, Martial Arts, Therapy

The systemic and solution focussed work I do with my clients productively pools all my experiences. I very much enjoy the firendly atmosphere and am very happy that my clients can benefit from it so quickly and effectively.

I found my way to psychotherapy on a long and winding path. Since 2005 I taught Karate and Medtiation in Berlin, first in the Federal Parliament, then in my own school in Kreuzberg. I also worked as a business coach, finding meaning for stressed out managers. As things go, I migrated from a humanistic to constructivist view of the human mind, finding that it provides great relief and unknown degrees of freedom for my patients. My education at the Syst Institut im Munich helped me a lot along htis path.

In previous life I was an economist, dealing in models, abstract spaces and theories. When it came to research, it quickly became apparent, though, that I was much more interested in inner conditions for well being than outer. That is not the subject of economics, however. I had quite simply missed the subject.

My path to inner understanding led through intense Karate Training. I learned from and worked together intensely with Grand Master Kazumi Tabata, while at the same time gaining experience in the american Finance sector.