How to make contact: At first it is often best to talk on the phone. You may simply call me or, to be sure I am available, reserve an appointment for an initial interview (30 minutes, free of charge). If you prefer to write, please don't hesitate to use the contact form. Usually, it becomes apparent rather quickly, if we get along and whether you trust me enough to confide in me.

Usually I work in units of 90 minutes, which can be extended to two hours where necessary. Deep focus makes time fly...

At first we will likely meet once a week. Normally we switch to a bi-weekly rythm, soon, and ever greater gaps therafter. Where necessary and possible, we can make appointments during the evenings and weekends.

Si il vous convient, on parle francais.

Practical Questions

The length of the treatment depends on the nature of the question. Decision making, simple traumata or concrete caoching problems are usually dealt with in a few sessions. More complex questions may take longer, corresponding to how difficult it is to make an approach to the substance of the problem.

Finances: My practice is private. Many private health insurances cover private psychological treatment (Heilpraktiker Versicherung). Fees are in the normal range for coaches and therapists.

Cancellations: An appointment cancelled with less than 24 hours advance notice must be paid in full!

With a few exceptions, sessions can be held remotely via Skype etc. Exceptions include therapies of complex traumata, as these typically need a lot of stabilisation work. That is best done in person.