Gentle, Solution Focused Therapy of Deep Trauma

Psychological healing means a move towards inner relief. Sometimes, we need to do a lot of preparation to approach inner change. When we suffered from very bad experiences, our brain may protect us and separate these experiences from the normal process by which we digest and learn.

These memories then stay at the margin of our consciousness. If something triggers them, however, we relive them with unmitigated strength. Such split-off experiences are called trauma.

Trauma from a single bad experience, such as an accident, can today be quite regularly be healed using the so called EMDR process. Trauma from long-running exposure to stress, violence and abuse are much more difficult to access.

This is where resource and solution oriented trauma therapy comes in. We spend a ot of time to find resources that help us build a safe path to deep-seated, complex trauamata. We strengthen and support

the client, till she is capable of turning towards them.

Solution focused therapy thus offers a reliable path to treatment of complex traumas. It inspires the client's trust at every turn and persistently takes her into the right direction.