Solution Focus and Systemic Approach

A direct approach to helpful change entails large gains of time. Solution focused therapies are generally of short or medium length. In many cases we see results already after 10 to 15 units.

Successful psychotherapy smoothes the path from burdensome to helpful internal habits.

Moving from one set of habits to another is much easier when we don't overly cling to our known world. Indeed, change is easiest, when we can focus on the act of moving rather than on what we want to leave behind.

Putting us entirely into the service of change is called solution focus. Solution focus entrusts the client's system with finding a solution, and focuses on helping it to move. One very helpful strategy there is to keep focusing on simple observations that we can feel in the body.

Another helpful approach is to change points of view and look at things from different directions. Such systemic thinking is often sufficient by itself to lead our system into a beneficial balance.