Could Therapy help me?

Solutions focus and systemic Thinking are closely related to buddhist meditation. They provide guiding principles for life well beyond therapy.

A  large part of our life is lived unconsciously. Sometimes disturbances arise in our inner guiding mechanisms and we need help to get them into balance again.

Inner disturbance can show itself in many forms, including depression, fears and panic, psychological trauma, compulsions and Dependencies.

Solutions focused, systemic Psychotherapy invites the inner system to rebalance itself in a  healthy way. In therapy, we focus our attention directly on enabling  the process of change, rather than on exploring the structure of the problem. We thus move directly towards a solution.

The solution focussed approach is remarkably versatile and  effective. A successful therapy enables clients to deal with their lifes by themselves. It strenghtens their access to their resources and avoids all long term dependencies.