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Grand Master Kazumi Tabata

Master Tabata is an 8th dan Black Belt. He was a student of Master Iso Obata, the successor of the founder of modern Karate, Gishin Funakoshi. In the early Sixties, Master Tabata was sent to the United States to help spread the reach of Karate. He focused on the university towns of the North East, where many years later he taught Malte at MIT. East. Grand Master Tabata was a long time National Team Coach, at first in Berumda, then the United States. He maintains a busy teaching schedule and has written a series of books on the theory and history of Karate, martial arts and buddhist philosophy.

Grand Master Tabatas exceptional talent allowed him to do naturally what others are able to do only with lots of mental practice and training. His presence is overwhelming and his teaching style very classical. He offers little help but lets the student learn through repeated failure.  He views himself as part of the fighting tradition of his home district in the south of Kyushu that was always difficult to control from the capital Tokio.

Detaching himself frorm Master Tabata was a big challenge for Malte. Master Tabata accompanies our development from afar through regular discussion with Malte.

Jan Gerritzen began Karate Training in 2011. Previously he engaged in more palpable athletic endeavours like football.

Jan works intensely on combining Stillness, Relaxation and Dynamics and understanding the relationship between them.

A black belt since 2016,  Jan teaches beginner's classes in Karate. He tests his view on theory and practice of stillness there.


          Who we are

Malte Loos

Ever since his youth, Malte has had a deep longing for poetic depth. At first, he tried to find such depth in a very analytical field, economic theory, trying to save the world in the process.

When it came to actually doing research, he realised rather quickly, that he preferred inner research to outer one. A short lived experiment in investment banking only confirmed his suspicion that outward embellishment could not ginve meaning ot his life. Hence started a long journey out of which grew the principles of training of inner stillness.

The basic tool on that journey was Karate-do. Malte started training Karate-do in 1996 as a leisure activity during his postgraduate studies at MIT. Soon he worked closely with his teacher, Grand MAster Kazumia Tabata and Karate became the focus of his life. Nine years and 3 black belts later, the time had come to venture out on his own. Malte returned to Germany to teach and research and founded ort training group.

Malte hasn't stopped teaching or learning since, His longing for stillness and true being continues to be his guide. Each session is a challenge for him as it can only succeed in its intuitive renewal if he takes the risk of total failure.

These days, Malte teaches advanced Karate classes and stillness practice. He is particularly interested in individual coaching. IN intense one on one sessions, he helps private and business clients take important strategy decisions in their personal and professional lives.