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    Trust, Warmth, Change

Stille Übungen are the contemplative counterpart to our dynamic Karate practice. In stillness, we learn to entrust ourselves, to acknowledge our being at profound levels and to accept it entirely. We can hence overcome the pain of alienation, find love and warmth in us and plant our roots properly. We discover our own sense and meaning.

Key to our practice is letting go. Letting go touches many levels of our being. It enables us to turn inwards and to genuinely be without ourselves.

In our practice we become still. In normal life, compulsions sneak into our free will. They occupy most of our being and turn us away from ourselves. In stillness they lose their power and dissolve. We become free to be rather than incessantly compelled to do. We can be with ourselves rather than be distracted outwards.  

Once you really are capable of letting go, your inner self can find its way on its own. Its flow removes obstacles and blockades and guides us into the vital spaces beneath them. We thus get into contact with our identity.

The more one is able to entrust his being to his inner self the more it can reveal itself and the genuinely authentic inner world can determine the course of our life. When we live in genuinely our inner world, we can be at peace and enjoy all of our power.

Stille Übungen are outwardly simple. Mentallly they can be quite demanding, as they compel us to face our fears and let go of deep-seated habits in life. In the long run they endow us with both meaning and strength.

Stille Übungen are all hard work and no esoterics. We promise no superhuman solutions. Please feel invited to a tryout session at any time!


We practice Sarate and stillness several times weekly and during dedicated workshops of one or several days.

Weekly training hours are:                                Our next workshop:

Traditional Karate (Beginners)

Tu 8-9:30 pm in Bechsteinfabrik


Solution Focussed Karate

Wed. 8:15 - 9:45 pm in ZYS, 4th floor


Stillness Exercises

Wed 6:45-8 pm in ZYS, 4th floor


Traditional Karate (Intense)

Sa 10:45 am-12:45 pm in Abada