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    Stillness, Power, Truth

Karate-do, the „path of the empty hand“ is a martial art from the Okinawa islands in Japan. Originally developed by the local Okinawa population it only reached the Japanese mainland a hundred years ago, where it was quickly adopted by the country’s nobility and spiritual elite.

The twin roots of Karate correspond to different strands in its practice. Karate has a hands-on, aggressive self defense aspect. It also offers a path to spiritual search and inner peace. The two are intertwined and enhance each other.

In our karate practice, we take the spiritual challenge of Karate seriously.

We treat basic Karate techniques as exercises in letting things fall into place.

We practice dynamic movements in basic form and in katas, sequences of movements that tell a tale of fighting. They also test our inner harmony from multiple directions.

Karate training is completed by sparring exercises. Inner peace is the fundamental element of combat. Vice versa, the archaic danger inherent in combat points us to deeper truths of our existence.

Karate is a bit of a paradox. It empties the mind so as to let one’s vital forces develop without inhibition. It induces stillness out of which grows power and it lets you gain control by letting go. Its significance extends well beyond the dojo, as its multiple challenges provide  deep insights on the challenges of life in general. You are welcome to try at any time, irrespective of experience, gender or age.

We practice Karate three times per week and during intense seminars of several days length:

Weekly Training times:

Di. 20 - 21:30  in Urbanraum

(Beginners - Jan)

Do 19-21 in Urbanraum


Sa 12-14  in Abada


Our next intense workshop:

April 21st - 24th 2017 at

Gut Stolzenhagen.


Contact: T: 0174 3790176